The Geocoord

An in situ central processing unit


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Certain specific projects require calculations to be carried out on site (lack of communication network, sensitive area, etc.). For such situations, data can be computed in situ with a Geocoord.

A Geocoord collects all data from the Geocubes nearby through a radio network, runs the calculation algorithms ans delivers precise position data which can be downloaded locally or visualised on the user interface.

A communicating calculation unit

A 2,4 GHz radio connection to communicate  with the Geocube network

 Data, software upgrades and operating information   through Ethernet port (3G as option)

In situ calculations

Data is computated on site

Local access to both raw data and calcultated precise positions

An efficient management tool

Result display and customisation through a local user interface reachable through Ethernet port

Extensive networks

Up to 50 Geocubes per Geocoord

Customizable alarms

Continuous monitoring of measurment quality

Alarms par sent by mail in case of disconnection

Data dowload

Customised results (projection type, frequency, etc.) can be downloaded locally or remotely through a modem (as option, not included)

Easy set-up

No calibration

Geocoords detect and incorporate automatically all nearby Geocubes

Customer support

A 7/7 service to ensure smooth operations


Remote updates to benefit from latest developments