The Geocube

The positioning and comminucating component of a sensor network


Odoo image et bloc de texte

Geocubes are small, rugged, comunicating GPS receivers, designed to operate in large networks.

Geocubes mesh through a 2,4 GHz radio network and automatically form a millimetre grid of the surveyed site.

Geocubes need no calibration or peering process, they automatically connect to neighbouring devices and start transmitting data. In addition, Geocubes are maintenance free and can be reused on different projects.

A unique precision

Displacement measurement precision

2 mm in real time

1 mm over a 24h average

Low energy

Power consumption in calculation mode : 0,5 W

Power consumption in standby mode : 4 mW

Calculation frequency

A precise position is computed every 10s

Customizable alarms

Continuous monitoring of measurment quality

Alarms sent by mail in case of disconnection

Rugged solution

A proven industrial solution adapted to the most demanding environments

An extensive network

Up to 2km between the fixed Geocube and measured points

Easy set-up

No specific calibration or configuration

Automatic detection of each Geocube and immediate integration to the system

Customer support

A 7/7 service to ensure smooth operations


Remote updates to guarantee optimal performances