The Geoport

The communication component to upload Geocube data on servers


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 Geoports collect all data from each Geocube through radio transmission and transfers them, through a 3G network, to a virtual coordinator. Calculations and data storage are therefore safely and smoothly undertaken on a distant server.

Geoports transmit to Geocubes the latest upgrades of the firmware along with each system's operation settings.

Geoport installation is entirely self-operative, since it detects and connects to all Geocubes in its immediate surroundings.

In case of broad systems, several Geoports can be installed for a given system to ensure a flawless data transmission process.

A communication hub

A 2,4 GHz radio connection to communicate  with the Geocube network

Data upload to a distant server through 3G network

Low energy

Power consumption : 1 W

Fast and flexible

Increased processing power due to the use of remote servers

Easy access to data

Secured data stored on remote servers

Data available for local download or transfer through FTP connection

An extensive network

Up to 50 Geocubes connected per Geoport

Rugged solution

A proven industrial solution adapted to the most demanding environments

Easy set-up

No calibration

Automatic detection of nearby Geocubes

Customer support

A 7/7 service to ensure smooth operations


Remote updates to benefit from latest developments