User interface

Customize, manage, visualise and download your data


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Each project has an assigned server, with an access granted through the User interface. Chaque projet bénéficie d'un serveur dédié, dont l'accès est garanti par l'interface utilisateur. This dashboard, available in SaaS mode free of charge, allows a user to :

  • customise settings for the setting up of a new system (calculation frequency, measuring points determination, radio communications, etc.)

  • manage running systems (alarms, automatic downloads, add an extra Geocube, etc.)

  • visualise results

  • define dowloading options (projection type, data type, mean values, define FTP server, etc.)

A simple tool designed to adapt system deployments and Geocube monitoring to specific requirements of each and every project.

Network monitoring

Monitor all of your running systems with a single interface

Dialog with each Geocube to check its status

Mobile friendly

Mobile access to install, customise and follow Geocube systems

No subscription

Interface is entirely free and installed with every Geocube system

Multiple users

Open number of users for any given system

Direct access to data

Customised data logs available (projection type, format, frequency, etc.)


Interface allows to handily parameter operation settings (system architecture, computation frequency, radio network, etc.)

System analysis

In addition to monitoring alarms, interface allows to follow global health status of your system (radio connection quality, calculation coherence, etc.)

Data display

Display of various graphs (raw calculations, mean values, sidereal correction) for every Geocube following chosen projection (ECEF, ENU, geopgaphic, Lambert)


Assistance to set up initial system and to monitor its performance