The Geocoord

The on-site processing unit

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Certain specific projects require that calculations be carried out in-situ (lack of 3G network, classified site, etc.). In such cases, data can be processed on-site through a Geocoord.

The Geocoord collects data from neighbouring Geocubes thanks to a 2.4 GHz radio network, computes this data and calculates final processed positions which can then be downloaded locally or pushed to the user interface.

A communicating hub

  • Radio connection (2.4 GHz) with the Geocube network

  • Downloadable data through an Ethernet port (3G in option)

On-site processing

  • Data is processed immediately locally

  • Local access to both raw and processed data

  An efficient interface

  • Data visualization and configuration through a specific user interface, accessible through Ethernet

Broad network

  • Up to 50 Geocubes connected per Geoport

Customizable notifications

  • Continuous monitoring of measurement quality

  • Notifications for service interruption

Data download

  • Data downloading through the user interface or directly on site

Easy set-up

  • No calibration

  • Automatic detection and integration of surrounding Geocubes

Customer support

  • A 7/7 support service to ensure smooth operation 


  • Remote updates to guarantee optimal performances