Les Menuires is a renowned ski resort, located in the world-famous 3 Valleys domain in the French Alps. With its modern ski infrastructure providing access to 339 ski slopes, the 3 Valleys is quite simply the world’s largest ski area.

The Bruyères telecabin was originally built in 1987, but was entirely refurbished in 2018 to increase cabin speed and capacity.

Obviously, the stability of the pylons is paramount to ensure the safe transport of skiers and pedestrians. Global warming has affected soil stability in certain alpine areas. To ensure the Bruyère telecabin was not affected by this phenomenon, it was decided to equip each pylon with a Geocube, using the departure and arrival stations as references.

Monitoring campaign lasted for over a full season, to cover all variations of temperature and snow levels. Results have demonstrated the stability of all measured points, allowing skiers to continue to enjoy the view from the cabins !

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