Road number 8, between Miribel-Lanch√Ętre and Saint-Guillaume, has a long history of instability which has led to numerous interventions to protect and consolidate the road.

In 2020,

Due to concerning signs of soil movement, public authorities decided to install a continuous monitoring system on the active landslide overlooking the road. A small Geocube system was installed at the beginning of 2021. Monitoring showed a succession of accelerations and pauses, linked to the local rainfalls.

In December 2021 and February 2022, heavy rainfalls (in green in the figure below) led to a larger movement of all Geocubes and caused the collapse of the road.

The continuous monitoring of this infrastructure allowed for pre-emptive warning and limited damage to people and property. The Geocube system is still actively monitoring the area. The public authorities are indeed asking for permanent supervision of the soil movements before undertaking any significant repair work.

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